LIVE Dispatch: Landed in Vegas

I'm on the ground in Las Vegas, after a cramped flight on United's no-frills, Southwest imitation, Ted. I won't digress too much at this point in the day, but needless to say that Ted reminds me more of everything that is wrong with United rather than what is going right. A Southwest it most certainly is not! Since they don't feed you on Ted and have no first class upgrade options -- yet they charge you as much as a regular United ticket and cram you into old, uncomfortable seats, even in Ted's version of Economy Plus -- my plan is to head straight to the welcome reception tonight for some nourishment and to stretch out. I reckon that some good conversation and a few G&Ts will go down quite nicely, and help me recover from the old, cramped, dirty Airbus that served as my jail for the past few hours. On a more important note -- and sorry to start LIVE on such a critical tone, but United has the habit of sometimes putting me in a really bad mood -- I expect my posting volume over the next couple of days will be significantly more than normal. But many of these posts will come at odd hours based on when I have time to write up my various notes from each day. So check back often and late, not to mention early and throughout the day. Regardless of whether you're here or not, tune into Spend Matters for all of the highlights and scoop from Ariba LIVE 2006. This will most certainly be a packed and informative few days in Vegas!

Jason Busch

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