LIVE Dispatch: Industry Analyst Presence

I'm looking forward to reading what the industry analysts have to say about LIVE in the coming days. Of all of the analyst firms, AMR Research, with three team members, has the largest presence at the event. Forrester, Gartner, and Aberdeen all sent a single analyst. Hackett Group, which would not position itself as an analyst firm in the traditional sense, sent both Pierre Mitchell and Chris Sawchuk to LIVE. Some of the best questions in the sessions I've attended have come from David Dobrin, an independent analyst that has covered Ariba for years. David's firm, B2B Analysts, is based in Cambridge, right up the road from the downtown Boston firms and Forrester. When I was at FreeMarkets, I remember briefing David in his Harvard Square office, with his trusty pooch by his side. For those who get to meet David, you'll quickly learn he does not hold anything back -- the man knows enterprise software, and he is brutally candid.

Jason Busch

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