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As I head into another busy week of vendor conferences, I'd like to thank everyone for tuning into Spend Matters so far this month, as our traffic has continued to climb into new territory (more on our traffic numbers at the end of May, but we broke 7,000 hits on one day last week, a new Spend Matters record). It has certainly been a busy couple weeks of posting, but this week, I want to set a few expectations around timing of posts and volume. You can absolutely expect the same quantity -- and hopefully quality -- of material, but as I'll be out of the office on most days attending conferences, you can expect the volume of posts to come during the early morning and evening, as I'm not sure what my WIFI access situation or ability to write new material will look like during the day.

From a content perspective, in addition to wrapping up my dispatches from Ariba LIVE, I'll plan to post my thoughts and analysis on three key events this week. The first is the Chicago-stop for Procuri's global Supply Management 2.0 Forum, which I'm speaking at on Tuesday out by O’Hare (registration is free, and is still open as I far as I know). I've already written a ton of new material for my presentation, which is focused on the future of Supply Management (and Spend Management ;-). Next, I'm driving to downtown Chicago to join a panel at Apexon's Supplier Performance Management Summit the same afternoon. Look for posts and commentary on both events later in the week. On Wednesday morning, I'm catching the first flight out of O'Hare to head to SAP Sapphire in Orlando, where I'm joining over a dozen other "enterprise bloggers" who will be covering the event. My focus will be on analyzing SAP's SRM and SCM strategy and products, as well as the NetWeaver partner ecosystem, especially as it pertains to developments in the Spend Management arena (including a forthcoming announcement involving Ariba that was already leaked on the main-stage at Ariba LIVE).

Last, I want to set expectations around the Spend Management vs. Supply Management debate / arms race. If Tim Minahan and I keep up our banter on the same level that we started last week, it would be a recipe for mutually assured destruction. After all, we both need to keep our day jobs. Blogs are just a hobby. But when you meet such a strong opponent on the battlefield, it's easy to get distracted. So stay tuned for my next response to Tim, but I want to set expectations that my time this week to take up the offensive will be limited to surgical precision strikes. We'll need to wait until later in the month to launch the full ground offensive.

Jason Busch

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