More Harm than Good for Gartner?

I'm glad to see that Gartner put out a brief regarding the SAP / Frictionless deal, although it's not terribly insightful. Perhaps Gartner is advising clients on application selection with better details, but they certainly won't attract any new business from IT, procurement, supply chain organizations or vendors with this level of analysis. I've always enjoyed spending time with Andy Kyte (the author of this brief), but this brief shows that he has too much on his plate to dedicate to covering the sector effectively. Let's hope Gartner invests more in the sector (.5 probability), otherwise their reputation will continue to slide in the Spend Management arena. And I hope that this does not happen, because there's no one better on a stage than Andy. I'd love to see him speak at vendor events again in the future, but this will not happen unless the procurement and supply chain vendor community begins to respect Gartner again.

Jason Busch

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