Spend Matters: 500 Posts and Counting

I noticed that we just past our 500th post since starting Spend Matters. What a milestone! It's amazing to me how things have changed since that first 100 posts. For over a year, we measured our daily hits in the single, double, and eventually triple digits. Now we're in the thousands (and hopefully in the tens of thousands by later in the summer). Going forward, my promise to you, as readers, is that we will continue to accelerate our coverage of breaking news and events, providing the same level of candid analysis that we've provided in the past. But more of it, I hope. And on a personal front, I hope to dig deeper in longer posts into a number of subjects I've been thinking quite a bit about of late such as compliance, globalization, and the future of Spend Management. In addition, there's going to be a couple of additional personalities joining Spend Matters as well. Stay tuned as we make our next 500 posts even more insightful than the first 500, adding even more voices and ideas into the mix.

Jason Busch

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