It's the End of Installed and we Know it …

Sorry about my twisted 80s music headline ... had to do it. In any event, earlier this morning, I came across this article in Managing Automation that describes how yet another Spend Management vendor has gotten On-Demand religion. In this case, the convert is Tradestone, a global sourcing provider. What's insightful about this particular article is that it discusses the pricing transformation inherent in the switch to On-Demand: "While the on-premises version of [Tradestone’s] software lists for between $300,000 and $1 million (based on the number of seats licensed and amount of services required), the SaaS version ranges from $100 to $300 per user per month (depending on the number of users) -- without any additional monies spent on application implementation and maintenance. Suppliers that just want to use the software to collaborate with retailers and product developers pay a small one-time fee to cover operating costs." While this is only a minor announcement from a very focused vendor, I always find pricing intelligence like this useful.

Jason Busch

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