SMaaSh This! Aberdeen's New On-Demand Benchmark

Sudy Bharadwaj, who is trying his hardest to fill Tim Minahan's Size 15 Air Jordans at Aberdeen, forwarded me a link to participate in his latest latest benchmark report: Supply Management as a Service Benchmark, or SMaaS, as they are referring to it internally. Sudy has been cranking out some solid work of late, and I have no doubt that this forthcoming report will be well timed given all of the debate going on about On-Demand and SaaS.

Even though I've not seen any survey results yet, I'd wager that ease of use, price, and time-to-value will be the major drivers of On-Demand usage that the report finds. But if this benchmark were taking place in 2015, I'd bet that advanced features would drive buying decisions as much as cost or any other factor. Call me a dreamer, but I think we're only in the top of the first inning when it comes to On-Demand and what the future will bring. But just as IBM rose to dominance in the mainframe world, and SAP and Oracle dominated the client/server and early web application environment, the question remains which vendor(s) will lead the On-Demand revolution when it really takes hold. I'm not holding my breath that it will be a household name of the likes that I just mentioned, but who knows!

Jason Busch

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