Some Weekend Reading

This afternoon, I'd like to welcome back a regular guest columnist to Spend Matters. Brian Sommer is a Senior Fellow at Azul Partners, founder of Tech Ventive, and is author of the blog Services Safari..

Here are some more pieces you might want to peruse on your next flight or this weekend as you hone your spend management skills outside of the office:

"Low Cost Country Sourcing in a Flattened World" in Chief Supply Chain Officer's May/June 2006 issue. This is a nice piece that contains very useful observations. I particularly liked one graphic from IMD that shows cost/skills comparisons across a number of countries.

"Pig Farmers" in The Journal of Commerce is a puzzling piece that does not address agriculture but rather the problem that added container line capacity is starting to have on carrier profits. Industry watchers are seeing overcapacity today as spot rates for container rates are 10-15% lower than contract rates. That in turn should form the basis for future negotiations. And, that will continue to put pressure on an industry already facing lower earnings and high fuel costs.

Brian Sommer authors the blog: Services Safari.

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