Would This Have Happened in China?

When I read this article earlier today I could not stop grinning at my screen. Finally, proof -- and proof in the Spend Management world, nonetheless -- that India takes intellectual property seriously. According to the story "An e-commerce company promoted by Tata Steel and Steel Authority of India Ltd, Metal Junction Services, has been ordered by the Delhi High Court to pay $80,000 as penalty for using the software of Commerce One India, a provider of e-procurement and e-sourcing solutions, beyond its license." If companies had any question about the IP risks of doing business in India vs. China, this should shed some light on the how seriously the former company takes the issue. Contrast this with stories like this one coming out of China.

Don't take this the wrong way: India's not perfect. The governmental corruption and red tape (which can vary from state to state, so do your homework before setting up operations or awarding business to suppliers) and logistics issues can bring their own set of challenges. And India's crappy infrastructure (roads, plumbing, etc.) relative to China -- at least around the East coast -- is absolutely inexcusable given the quality of the country's universities and engineering graduates. In my opinion, the whole country should be tagged with a scarlet "I" until they address this blight (and while they’re at it, they might want to bulldoze the airport slums as well). But I'd sooner place my spend with Indian suppliers than those to the East if IP theft was a major concern.

Jason Busch

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