Supply Chains are Flat

I'm tired of hearing about Tom Friedman’s now infamous book, The World is Flat, at conference after conference. I wish everyone would stop already -- it's a good book, but enough is enough! Still, I've not seen too many folks try to adapt Freidman's argument to the supply chain world. But in a just published article in Supply and Demand Chain Executive Andrew Reece has some thoughtful commentary on the over-referred to tome. Andrew begins his argument by noting that while "Tom Friedman has asserted that "the world is flat," ... [for] companies operating globally and facing unique challenges in each of the markets where they have suppliers or customers, the world is as round as ever. But rather than viewing regional differences as an obstacle to an effective supply chain, innovative companies are embracing the idea of centrally managing disparately structured operations that have been "localized" to take account of the particular environment in a given geography." The examples Andrew provides are more than worth a quick look. Check it out for yourself. And if you've not read the book, you can find a Cliff Notes version of the summary by clicking here.

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