Revenge of the Spend Management Nerds

It's often challenging to find engineers and technical gurus that can write readable, enjoyable prose that clearly articulates the business value of technology. After all, that's what keeps us marketing folks in business -- at least in part. But I think that things might be changing. Michael Lamoureux, an optimization and Spend Management technology guru who served as chief architect for Mindflow, a sourcing vendor that was quietly purchased by Emptoris to help build their customer list, just started writing a blog of his own. That's right, a card-carrying technology hack has crossed over into the business side of Spend Management by leveraging the power of RSS. Titled Sourcing Innovation, Michael's blog aims to "to focus on innovative processes and technologies that you can use to evolutionize your sourcing organization." So far, Michael is holding true to his promise. Now, that won't change the fact that Michael is first and foremost a certified Spend Management tech geek, but heck, if he keeps up the excellent ideas, who cares? I might dust off my old pocket protector myself and chime in on his pages as well. That is, if he's willing to lower his standards!

Jason Busch

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