Airbus: Stuck on the Ground

When reading this New York Times article, I chuckled thinking about all of European red-tape and infighting at Airbus that led to the "technical and management problems" which have delayed the A380 launch, causing the company's stock to plunge in recent weeks. In contrast, Boeing is flying high, owing in large part to its state of the art Spend Management programs which are guiding the 787 to a smooth cruising altitude as it approaches production. If Airbus can cut through the red tape and get things back on the runway, it should look to Boeing as a model for how to develop relationships with suppliers which lead to faster time to market, lower costs, and reduced supply chain and delivery risk. Alas, I wonder if Airbus stuck an old DC-10 engine and a pair of wings on one of these double deckers if they might be able to get an alternative platform into the air faster ...

Jason Busch

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