US Ports: Smooth Sailing Ahead?

I found this report issued by the National Retail Foundation (NRF) and Global Insight a bit too contrarian for my alarmist and conservative tendencies when it comes to supply risk and world trade. But for those involved in importing overseas goods into the US, this study is good news nonetheless. According to a press release issued about by the authors of the report report, "Los Angeles/Long Beach, Oakland, Tacoma and Seattle on the West Coast, and New York/New Jersey, Hampton Roads, Charleston and Savannah on the East Coast are currently rated "low" for congestion ... [NRF] predicts little congestion at maritime ports this fall (peak season), compared to recent years ... NRF describes this as a "relief," after labor shortages and port shutdowns plagued global trade in recent summers." While this is a positive development, companies involved in global sourcing should not underestimate logistics challenges outside of US soils. The Economist has a great survey this week on international logistics and supply chain issues which paints a darker picture that this study, in fact. I look forward to blogging it here later this week (once I get through a few entries on last week's survey on India).

Jason Busch

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