Yet Another Feature on Supply Risk Management …

Supply risk management is making the headlines these days. And more important, it's staying there. Over the weekend, I had the chance to read this article from STT which highlights how companies can assess risk vulnerability and put supply risk mitigation and management programs into place. According to one of the experts quoted in the piece, "enterprise risk management is becoming more about what risk management is about, and supply chain risk management is a key component of enterprise risk management, especially in a manufacturing enterprise … You do not want to wait until your shipment's delivery date to find out that a container did not arrive at your dock. By then, it is too late." Clearly, supply risk management is a topic that mainstream procurement and operations organizations are beginning to think more about. And they're hungry to learn, as the recent analyst and press interest is showing. Let's hope this interest continues, otherwise far too many companies are going to face the consequences of becoming too lean and overly reliant on their global supply community.

Jason Busch

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