Crawling Back Online

Many readers have written to me in the past few weeks, and I've been horrible in responding. I wanted to take a few virtual lines to apologize. I've been slammed on the work and personal front, and it's all I can do to keep the blog entries updated (which is my top concern). Regardless, if you've written to me, I will respond after the holiday weekend, or perhaps before. And for you three separate individuals that forwarded me Oracle whitepapers expressing your concern at their approach to a particular area of Spend Management, I agree! Stay tuned. And by all means, keep the emails coming! Watch for my responses on comments, too.

As an aside, traffic numbers are doing interesting things for June, much of which I attribute to upgrading the software that powers Spend Matters (which appears to be screwing with the numbers). Unique visitors is tracking up -- passing 1,800 on some days -- but hits and pageviews are down. This has never happened before when uniques are up. I might need to upgrade to a better website tracking package to figure this out.

Jason Busch

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