Boeing's CEO: Thinkin' About Lean and Global Sourcing

As a bit of an A&D buff, I often find myself trolling for news on the sector, especially as it relates to procurement and supply chain topics. I recently caught this interview with Boeing's President and CEO, James McNearney, on Flight International's site. In the discussion, McNerney is asked about his view on lean and sourcing. Here's what he had to say: "Look at Lean and Global Sourcing ... It's not as if there wasn't a lean capability in this company before I got here. And it wasn't as if we weren't worried about global sourcing before I got here. But we chose to lift them out, make them special, broaden and deepen and resource them more and put leaders in charge of them. It’s a matter of accelerating things that had been here and turbo-charging them." Given that Airbus is facing new product launch delays, it's even more telling that its arch rival has elevated procurement and operations opportunities into the boardroom. Metaphorically speaking -- and thinking of the 787 and the A380 -- you might say that a streamlined, efficient bird, will get to the finish line faster than a larger one. Though some bloated birds, I must say, can make for good eating.

Jason Busch

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