eSourcing Forum Steps up the Blogging Arms Race

I think that it's incredible cool that Iasta has chosen to publish thought leadership via RSS on their blog rather than just in traditional formats like whitepapers. In their first week of pushing out this extra content, their new weekend series hit the mark for its deep-dive detail and analysis of the On-Demand market. They even managed to round up some commentary from Sudy Bharadwaj of Aberdeen Group. I'm planning on commenting on a future piece in a couple of weeks as a guest blogger, and I know that they're lining up some far more esteemed individuals than yours truly to chime in as well. Kudos to the Iasta team for keeping up the good work. I won't even try to keep pace with the blogging arms race that they’re setting. A few succinct posts a day from me. That's it!

Jason Busch

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