Why am I Pushing Rearden on the Marketing Front?

Yesterday, I got a couple of emails from readers voicing both agreement and disagreement with my criticism of Rearden Commerce’s marketing. Usually, I would not get into marketing matters on Spend Matters, but in the case of Rearden, I believe so strongly in their potential, that I do not want to see any execution issues get in the way of their ability to transform the Spend Management market. But at the same time, I think it's critical to explain to prospects and the market why they have not gotten more traction than they already have, because once you see their application, you begin to wonder why it's not on the desktop of every business, large and small. That's how elegant, powerful and useful it is. The bottom line is that the fact their penetration is so limited to date stands out like a warning flag -- which it should not -- and that was the main reason for my post.

In all fairness to Rearden, I should state that I think their marketing is improving -- the new site and positioning is absolutely a move in the right direction. And the marketing leadership is very solid and exceptionally qualified. But it's time to downshift and accelerate the entire positioning and go-to-market approach into the passing lane -- and stay there until Redwood Shores and Waldorf are distant specks in the mirror. If Rearden can get going at the speed they need to, nothing will stop them. And if a little push from Spend Matters makes them think even a little harder about what it will take, then so be it. I want to see Rearden succeed so much because I believe it is the type of application that will elevate the power and potential of Spend Management to the highest levels.

Jason Busch

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