Curb My Enthusiasm

When I saw this Forrester report noting that "41% [of companies] say they will rely on their ERP vendors for supply chain solutions" it dawned on me that mediocrity is alive and well in the software market. Not that there is anything wrong with SAP and Oracle, but neither vendor has anything near a complete solution to critical supply chain areas as multi-echelon planning and inventory optimization, supply chain risk management, trade management (despite what they may say), sourcing optimization / decision support, and contract management, among other areas, which are critical to managing complex supply chains in today's environment. Given these findings, I suppose we'll be hearing more stories like this in the future from this 41%. Regarding Forrester's headline that "Accenture comes out on top as a key supply chain consulting partner", I would turn off the Larry David re-runs and spend some reading time tonight to check out the supply chain field qualificationsof the firm in question.

Jason Busch

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