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Kudos to Combine Net for starting a blog of their own. More of these focused efforts are desperately needed in the sector. Just as Iasta originally took the initiative with E-Sourcing Forum (and was later joined by Procuri's Supply Excellence), I can see a scenario where best of breed providers put blogs at the center of their marketing strategy to promote their areas. Why? Consider that the media and analysts might cover a topic on a monthly (at best) basis, but a blog can cover it everyday. I could see a vibrant vendor-sponsored Spend Management blog ecosystem with focused efforts on such areas as supply performance management, spend visibility, supply risk management, contract management, global sourcing, and supplier enablement, as just a start.

As a shameless plug for my firm, Azul Partners, we've quietly helped get efforts like this started in various sectors. So if you'd like a little advice on getting the most on your blogging returns, get in touch! Based on my personal learnings from Spend Matters, we've created a one-day workshop and blogging jump-start program designed to help organizations come up with the right strategy, content, and execution plan from the start, while weaving blogging into overall lead generation, thought leadership, and brand building efforts.

Jason Busch

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