There's Two Types of Spend Management "Content" Expertise

When I read the title of this piece in Purchasing, "Content Expertise vs. Procurement Expertise", I immediately got the wrong impression of the article. Rather than thinking about content from the standpoint of category knowledge -- which is what the article refers to -- I thought about content from the standpoint of more general knowledge management, especially as it pertains to managing supplier content. This aspect of Spend Management is one that is often downplayed but critical to building sustainable results, especially if an organization hopes to decrease its dependency on outside consultants.

The problem is that few companies are willing to invest the time and effort to fully configure their applications and equip their team members with the processes and approaches to share and manage information outside of specific sourcing activities. And when it comes to eProcurement implementations, supplier content management still remains a huge hurdle, especially when you get past an organization's largest suppliers. So next time you think about content expertise when it comes to Spend Management, perhaps it's worth considering the true value of both types of content: category knowledge and more general "content management".

Jason Busch

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