Hotdogs with Hillman

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of dining with my old friend, Mark Hillman. Mark is currently an analyst at AMR Research, and among other areas, is responsible for analyzing supply chain risk management in his role. Rather than heading out for a power lunch in the loop -- lest I be accused of "buying" off analyst influence for my fledging blog -- I took Mark to my favorite hot dog stand in Chicago, Hot Dougs. The tab was not dirt cheap, however, as we each downed more than one red hot. What struck me most during our conversation -- which focused on supply risk, among other areas -- was the camera crew that was also filming at the lunch hot spot. Chicago is contemplating a ban on trans fat, and it turns out that the casually clad TV crew sitting across from us was from the The Today Show. They were not just downing dogs, but showed up to interview patrons and Doug himself on the risk of losing a critical ingredient. Their presence was fascinating given our usual conversation focus on supply risk management. It turns out that Hot Dougs faces a supply chain risk of its own -- losing its ability to fill its deep fryer with the really nasty grease that makes their fries so good.

Jason Busch

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