Old News Keeps Flowing …

It's funny that it took Emptoris what seems like six months to make this announcement public. I first wrote about the rumored news earlier in the spring here and here. In one of those posts, here's what I had to say: "those in the Spend Management gossip circle know that that Mindflow has been shopped around since Bush's first term in office. And just like the Junior Senator from New York, the vendor has carpet-bagged its way around the Spend Management vendor world looking for votes in unfamiliar districts. But given all the chatter at the moment, it looks like this campaign is about to end, with a full endorsement from a leader in the market ... I've triangulated from multiple sources that the vendor who is about to pick up Mindflow is Emptoris."

I've got a few minutes scheduled to chat with Emptoris later today about the deal, and these are a few of the questions I plan to ask when we talk:

Why did you buy anothes optimization vendor given your reputation as the original leader in sourcing optimization?

Will the old image of Mindflow's slow solving time taint your reputation? With apologies to Michael Lamoureux, this was an issue that was discussed openly in the market for a while.

I can understand the up-sell approach and buying an installed base and maintenance revenue, but most of Mindflow's customers (many of whom at least considered price as one major consideration) would choke at the numbers you tend to put on the table for deals. How is this working out so far?

If readers would like to know anything else, post a comment or drop me a line, and I'll see if we can weave it into the conversation.

Jason Busch

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