Sourcing Bedbugs at the Lowest Cost

I recently came across this hospitality magazine recently featuring a study of Hilton's sourcing and procurement practices. Needless to say, bedbugs -- which I have heard horror stories about at different Hiltons from reliable sources -- were not a top category discussed. On a more topical note, What's interesting about the piece is how the centralized procurement function at Hilton essentially serves as a type of GPO for the franchise community. According to Hilton's procurement leader, "when you have owned assets you can dictate the buying pattern, managed hotels can have an influence and the franchise community have choices, which presents us with the challenge of offering a value proposition." An other useful piece of knowledge is how "it takes approximately one year to 18 months from the time that they [a specific hotel] specifies products until they reach the end user -- the guest within the specific brand". According to one source I found, that's enough time for a couple of bed bugs to produce an entire army.

Jason Busch

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