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Julie Murphree, former Editor of Supply and Demand Chain Executive, recently posted an interview on her blog with Dave Becker, FreeMarkets former COO (and President, for at least a short period of time). Despite Julie's background in procurement and supply chain journalism, her new blog is dedicated to examining the rural farm life. Even though I grew up in a city where crack dealers posed a greater danger than weavels and the elimination of farm subsidies, I still enjoy what she has to say in it. And her interview with Dave Becker is great. Becker, who grew up on a farm, has some fascinating stories about the character building experiences of his past. Now, don't get me started on comparing at least some of FreeMarkets early external software efforts (not Bidware) to Dave's experience shoveling "pig shit" in his youth, but in some cases, the two activities were not so far off. Granted, it was my job in marketing to cover up some of these early initiatives, as it was far easier for the COO to wash his hands -- and feet -- after stepping into it. But the only thing I could do was put lipstick on it ...

Jason Busch

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