In Massachusetts, You'd Get a Bonus for This Type of Behavior

As a military and economic ally to the West, South Korea has much to offer as a trading partner, especially given its technology and manufacturing prowess. But perhaps the West could also learn a thing or two about South Korea's intolerance of government procurement corruption. To wit, I just came across this story in a Korean publication that describes how a commissioner in the countries "Defense Acquisition Program Administration has offered to resign over an overseas golf scandal." Golf scandal, you ask? The "crime" in this was perpetrated when Kim Jung-Il, the top ranking defense procurement official in South Korea -- and no relation to the "evil Kim" -- "extended [a] trip by one day for the golf game, which included figures from domestic defense industries who accompanied him." Now it's worth for a second contrasting South Korea’s "no-golf" rule with those practices of government officials in Massachusetts, who I have no doubt played golf with suppliers whose shoddy construction work led to an unnecessary tragedy earlier in the month. Can you also believe that these jokers forced their vendors to pay for gala dinners in their honor yet no one has resigned yet in the scandal?

Jason Busch UPDATE: Matthew J. Amorello has resigned

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