Spend Management in the Middle East Trenches

Given that there are different viewpoints out there in regards to who is in the right and wrong when it comes to the situation in Lebanon, I want to be careful not to offend Spend Matters readers by paying more attention to economic consequences of one country versus the other. Ironically, if this site were run by an old media source, the BBC, I'd subjectively focus entirely on the plight of one party and not mention the word "terrorism" as such. But I won't go there. What's more important is that in the spirit of fair and objective coverage, it's clear that both the Lebanese and Israeli economy have -- and are -- suffering as a result of terrorism and military action in the area. I will, however highlight one perspective from Israel since I was able to find it on E-Sourcing Forum. If anyone can send me a link to a similar post from Lebanon, I will blog it immediately. According Eran Fastman, a Purchasing Division Manager in Israel, "Over a million people can not go to work" as a result of the conflict." In addition, "a lot of them left there homes and moved to the south. Due to those conditions, most of the businesses in the north are closed. The industrial companies can not import raw materials and can not export the goods since Haifa port is closed." In the spirit of economic progress and free trade -- which I believe are the only ways of ending conflict and enhancing prosperity in the Middle East -- let us hope this military action ends as soon as a lasting peace is possible.

Jason Busch

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