It's the Data, Stupid — ERP vs. Best of Breed (Round 923)

I recently read through this article in the CPO's Agenda that highlights some of the major arguments in favor of balancing ERP and best of breed investments. Recently, I've spoken with a number of folks who complain that a continued draw-back of ERP in the Spend Management arena -- especially in the areas of spend visibility and supplier performance management -- is the challenge of consolidating information across multiple, disparate systems. Granted, the performance and capabilities gap between best of breed and ERP is narrowing, but, as the article states, "The major ERP platforms ... are orientated towards capturing and consolidating data from their own databases, not those of competitors. In contrast, best-of-breed solutions -- almost by definition -- are designed from the ground up to work with a wide variety of data sources." Food for thought, as the battle between ERP and best of breed continues to go on.

Jason Busch

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