Comcast, Monopoly Pricing Power, and VOIP

I enjoyed reading Dave Stephens' Comcast horror story earlier this week. Come on Dave, where are the trust-busters when we need 'em most? Well, at least you got to slam those buggers in a post. Alas, Dave's experience sourcing high speed Internet is one that rings all too true in my world as well. But I will add one thing, at least when it comes to VOIP. If you're a Vonage user, do check out Lingo if you want an alternative solution that might be cheaper. Our experience with Lingo in both the home and the office has been fine, although like other VOIP services, it's prone to occasional outages. We found that it has better sound quality and is slightly cheaper than Vonage, which we had tried previously. And most important, we spend far less on five Lingo lines -- which we use to call globally -- than we do on two AT&T business lines each month (which we keep as a back-up).

Jason Busch

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