Ariba and Manoj: Investigating EIPP

If you're curious to learn more about bridging the A/P and procurement gap, Ariba's new EIPP (Electronic Invoice, Payment, and Presentment) whitepaper is a worthwhile read. The paper does a useful job summarizing how companies can take their A/P function to the next tier of performance, explaining how EIPP goes beyond merely outsourcing the payables function by actually improving the fundamental A/P business process and getting rid of paper-pushers. If you're a Dilbert-reading A/P clerk, I'd start looking for a new line of work, if I were you. Seriously, if EIPP is a subject that captures your interest, by all means bookmark Manoj Ranaweera's blog which tackles the area on a more regular basis. Manoj is the founder of ebdex, LTD, a European EIPP provider that competes with Ariba and Xign, among others. Stay tuned in the coming week at Spend Matters as we dig into one particular area of EIPP, supply chain finance, in more detail.

Jason Busch

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