The iPod: Contract Manufactured With Love (well, almost)

While Barry White does not yet come pre-loaded onto the iPod, perhaps he should. That's because it turns out that workers at Apple's Chinese suppliers are sharing in the love, at least according to the scoop on Silicon Valley Watcher. Earlier in June, when I looked at Apple’s labor situation at a key Chinese supplier, I joked that they should offer "fair trade" versions of the iPod. But now that Apple has conducted its factory labor audit and found that much is honky dory -- heck, if some workers are pushing seven factory days a week and sleeping three to a bunk, it's not a big deal -- perhaps there's no reason to charge extra to slap on the fair trade label. Still, I bet if Steve Jobs put out a custom "green" iPod edition manufactured by transgendered lepers, I bet he'd figure out a way to convince his followers to shell out a 20% price premium for the cause.

Jason Busch

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