Ayn Rand: Alive and Well in the Spend Management Vendor World

There's something very Randian -- if that's a word -- to describe Spend Management. After all, on a personal level, the practice of Spend Management is about fundamental microeconomics, using superior skills, management, and resources to get ahead, looking out for oneself, and one's organization, before anything else. If you believe the world is a competitive place, then there's no better area for a Rand devotee to focus on than Spend Management. Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that the spirit of Ayn Rand is alive and well in the Spend Management market. Many of you know Rearden Commerce, a vendor that I've written about quite a bit on Spend Matters, but there's also John Galt Solutions, a forecasting and planning provider. When FreeMarkets was less than 200 employees, I could count a dozen fellow objectivists who had copies of Atlas Shrugged or The Fountain Head in their cubes or offices. I still sense, thank goodness, that the spirit of objectivism is alive and well in the world of Spend Management.

Jason Busch

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