Source This! A Pop Quiz for Category Spend Junkies

This morning, I'd like to welcome back a regular guest columnist to Spend Matters. Brian Sommer is a Senior Fellow at Azul Partners, founder of Tech Ventive, and is author of the blog Services Safari..

For all you category junkies with a Trivial Pursuit thirst for spend knowledge, I've got a little brain teaser for you. If your firm were to suddenly start buying any of the following, which five would you source domestically and which five would you look overseas?

a. Industrial Gases

b. Motor Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Equipment

c. Non-woven Fabrics

d. Motor Vehicle Air-Conditioning

e. Aircraft

f. Electronic Computers

g. Surface Active Agents

h. Automobiles and Light Duty Motor Vehicles, Including Chassis

i. Printed Circuit Assemblies (Electronic Assemblies)

j. Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment

According to the American Economic Alert (as reported in World Trade), the top five domestic industries with high percentages of exports) were a, c, e, g and j. The Top 5 worst performing U.S. manufacturing sectors were b, d, f, h and I with 95% of the printer circuit assembly products coming from outside of the U.S. Interestingly, when the U.S. abandons a market segment, it does so almost completely, yet, in the sectors in which it still has material exports, it rarely has a commanding lock on the world market.

How does this impact your firm? Might it be the right time to move a category to a new region out of necessity -- not just to achieve cost savings?

Brian Sommer authors the blog: Services Safari.

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