Everything You Wanted to Know About Optimization But Were Afraid to …

Optimization is one of those fractal topics that gets more and more complicated, the more you dig into it. I don't even think that so-called optimization gurus would even consider themselves truly expert in the subject, as one can always dig below the next surface, uncovering a new level of opportunity and complexity. But regardless of whether you consider yourself a true optimization geek or simply a neophyte, it's certainly an area within sourcing worth learning more about, given the potential returns it can bring. A great place to learn about the types of sourcing optimization and their potential to bring new levels of results to procurement is on E-Sourcing Forum. Last weekend, Michael Lamoureux, who certainly qualifies as a card carrying optimization geek -- especially given his credentials from Mindflow -- dug into the subject in greater detail than anything else I've read of late. I strongly recommend sitting down and reading his entries, which you can find here, here, here, and here. His second entry, in particular, is perhaps the most introspective of all, as it explains why optimization adoption has failed to hit the Spend Management mainstream up until now.

Jason Busch

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