Empowering Spend (or Was that Supply) Management …

Next week, I'm packing my bags to head down to Procuri's Empower conference in Atlanta. The event promises to focus entirely on the strategic and process areas of supply management such as sourcing, contract management, and spend analysis (rather than eProcurement, EIPP, supplier networks, etc.). On the whole, I'm quite excited to attend the conference to see what type of show Tim Minahan and his fellow On-Demand cohorts put on. I'm also looking forward to forming some better fleshed out opinions about Procuri, and whether they have a shot at becoming a salesforce.com of the supply management world. At this point, I think it's too early to say, but by talking to employees and customers at this event, I should be able to gleam at least some perspective on which direction they're headed.

But besides giving me a soap-box to talk about the future of Procuri and the On-Demand movement in general, the event should provide some valuable context to better understand the intersection of e-sourcing adoption in the context of a number areas including contract management, spend visibility, and the middle market. If we take a classic Geoffrey Moore market segmentation perspective on Procuri, their customers range from innovators and early adopters (e.g., Sun) to late majority organizations that are just digging into e-sourcing for the first time. This type of customer breadth should make for an interesting show, and fascinating conversations with various attendees. Like Ariba and SAP -- who admitted bloggers to their conferences -- I thank Procuri for letting a blogger loose during a key customer event. But Tim, while I promise to behave during the keynotes and breakout sessions, I will offer no such assurance to protect any inanimate -- or animate, for that matters -- objects within 200 meters in any direction of my shots on the golf course.

Jason Busch

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