Hey Vendors: When it Comes to PR, Think Small

Earlier in the week, Ariba announced its new PR agency of record, MSR Communications. MSR is a boutique firm out of San Francisco that I came away quite impressed with after meeting some of their staff at Ariba LIVE earlier this year. When it comes to pitching bloggers and the general media, I believe that boutique firms such as MSR do a far better job for the money than larger PR firms, at least in the Spend Management world (however, Ariba's last firm, Text 100, bucks this trend, as I thought their staff was awesome). Corporate Ink, a Boston-based boutique who works with Open Ratings, Procuri, and Exostar, among other vendors, also tends to do an excellent job in the sector in my experience as well. However, the absolute best communications pro in the space is Ariba's Karen Master -- who used to have her own firm -- who I had the pleasure of working with at FreeMarkets for five years, and hiring to work for my firm when she went out on her own. Karen is the master -- no pun intended -- of the pitch even to us curmudgeonly bloggers who can sniff out BS faster than it takes to head to Staples to make a maverick purchase of office supplies ...

Jason Busch

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