The Growing SaaS Spend Management Market

Even though I'm not a member of the SaaS politburo like On Demand junkie Tim Minahan -- who really is betting his retirement and kid's college tuition on SaaS' up-take -- I do count myself a card carrying party member of the movement. Given this, you can imagine I was pleasantly surprised to see Phil Waineright's post over on ZD Net about the growing SaaS market within Spend Management. In his blog, Phil comments that most SaaS supply chain and Spend Management players "remain privately held, including well-funded ventures such as Ketera and Rearden Commerce ... Then there are hosted supply chain vendors such as Mitrix, Emptoris and SAP acquisition Frictionless Commerce. Plus B2B trading services such as GXS. Maybe not a billion dollar sector yet but certainly in excess of a half billion." I know Phil's calculation and analysis is not scientific, but even if 2006 SaaS Spend Management revenue just comes close to $500 million, I'll still get excited. For that's just the tip of what I'm certain is a much bigger iceberg which will save companies significant money and reduce deployment risk over traditional applications. So Phil -- or Tim, for that matter -- my question to you is when will SaaS overtake the installed market in the Spend Management world? Or will it ...

Jason Busch

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