Stumping for Bill …

Over at Supply Excellence, Tim Minahan stumps for former President Clinton’s efforts to promote social responsibility, tying global initiatives back to procurement. As Tim notes, "Last week, Clinton was back to doing good, enticing world and business leaders to commit more than $7 billion to fund improvements in healthcare, social understanding, and sustainable growth around the globe." Personally, I'm glad to see that the former President has expanded his definition of globalization from hand-picking out-of-state interns to a much broader, do-well-for-all type of approach. In contrast, former President Carter has been up to no good since his time in office, contributing his own part to increasing supply risk, embracing murderous, nationalist dictators throughout the world (provided they put him up in five star locales).

On another note, one wonders what legacy the current President will leave when it comes to globalization and Spend Management. Certainly, his lack of fiscal and social responsibility while in office -- even Clinton did better in terms of reigning in spending -- disqualifies him from stumping for Spend Management and global sustainability with a straight face. Perhaps we'll all be best if he goes back to his ranch. At least that way, when he decides to sole-source Halliburton to take out the garbage and feed his livestock, only his personal budget deficit will go up as a result. Seriously, where's The Gipper when we need him most?

Jason Busch

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