Awesome! An Exec Ed Course on Supply Risk at Michigan State …

As Spend Matters readers know, I consider supply risk to be one of the most important topics that procurement and operations executives need to learn more about (not to mention vendors and consultants who need to better integrate mitigation and management capabilities into their offerings). Given this, you can imagine I was thrilled to learn that Michigan State will be offering an Execution Education program from October 29th through November 2nd on what they're terming "Value Chain Risk Management". For all intents and purposes, their definition and mine are interchangeable, so don't worry about the title. Supply risk will always be supply risk (especially to those that hate analyst-inspired jargon like "value chain"). Semantics aside, you should worry about signing up before spots fill up. Nearly all the big names at Michigan State are lecturing as part of the program, as are Protiviti's Philip O'Keefe and AMR's Mark Hillman. If you're interested in signing up or learning more, you can contact David Frayer at MSU. He can be reached @ 515-353-8711 or email:

Jason Busch

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