Tim, Don't Deny It!

Not that there's anything wrong with the Democratic party -- especially given their more judicious and appropriate use of house pages, mind you -- but statistically speaking, I have a hard time believing that Tim Minahan is anything but a Democrat. In his rebut to my blog mentioning Presidents Bush and Clinton last week, he responds that he "will not divulge [his] current political allegence." But anyone hailing from Massachusetts -- which voted 3–2 for Kerry in 2004 and who drives a Volvo -- as I remember Tim does -- is statistically speaking, most likely a Democrat. Not that this matters in the scheme of things, especially since the Republicans have abandoned any semblance of fiscal prudence. Heck, I bet if you polled the average member of congress on the importance of "Goldwater", they'd probably think you were talking about some new age energy drink, rather than name-dropping one of the more important Spend Management candidates of the 21st century.

Jason Busch

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