UGS Joins Spend Matters as a Lead Sponsor

I must say, there's been quite a bit of speculation among Spend Matters readers as to whom our third sponsor might be. I've been pinged with unorthodox guesses from office supply providers to woven -- or was that fused? -- ERP giants to boutique consultancies to governments in low cost regions. But the suspense is finally over. Today, with great excitement -- for one big reason that I'll get to in a moment -- I announce that UGS has become a Spend Matters Lead Sponsor. UGS is joining Ariba and Procuri, who will remain lead sponsors of this virtual corner of the Spend Management universe. The reason that I'm most psyched that UGS is coming on board is that their entrance corresponds with a new interest I'm seeing in the intersection between design engineering and sourcing in the Spend Management world. Simply put, the timing could not be better. Given this, you can be sure this is an area that I'm going to explore in detail in the coming months -- digging into both upstarts and established players alike. But in the meantime, join me in offering a warm welcome to UGS!

Jason Busch

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