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Over at Sourcing Innovation, Michael Lamoureux summarizes the major themes of a whitepaper that I wrote last year, examining the impact that Spend Management can have on businesses, large and small. The genesis of the paper is that Ariba asked me to author a piece sharing my thoughts on how companies can measure and gauge where they are on the Spend Management adoption curve, as well as what turbo-charging their efforts could do for their business. Looking back on the thousands of pages I've written in the past year, they're definitely some lasting, seminal thoughts in the piece (unlike many of the words I toss on paper or up on the RSS wire).

I usually hate reading my own older works, as I tend to pick them apart, piece by piece. But in this paper, they're a few ideas which stand the test of time and could still be helpful to organizations considering how they can best realize the next level of Spend Management performance. The charts and figures are probably the most useful elements of the paper itself, so if you want the Cliff Notes version, read Michael's thoughts, and then head straight to the paper itself to read the figures (which include a simple diagnostic tools). Michael, thanks again for giving the time to analyze the whitepaper. I spent a lot of effort thinking through that one.

Jason Busch

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