Labor Unrest Idles Goodyear Plant

When it comes to monitoring supplier risk, it's important to look beyond merely operational and financial performance. Plant shutdowns related to supplier labor unrest -- which might not otherwise appear in supply performance monitoring systems or credit reporting and related information -- can idle facilities, as was the case in a union walkout last week at Goodyear manufacturing facilities. Personally, even though I think the UAW and its card carrying brethren should just give it up and spend their striking funds and campaign contribution dollars on retraining their members to better function in today's global world rather than viewing labor / management relations through a 19th century lens, we can learn from the actions of US labor, as this behavior will certainly manifest itself further down the road in emerging markets (many of which really could use unions). Incidentally, I've decided to market a Spend Matters branded BB-Gun specially designed to shoot inflatable rats if anyone's interested.

Jason Busch

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