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If you go by PageRank toolbar statistics, Spend Matters is not that important a site (we register only a 4). But if you query Google's actual servers, we come out much better (a 6 on many of the servers except the frigging toolbar one). On their log 1-10 scale, this is a huge improvement, and puts the site importance of Spend Matters in the same class as the trade publications in the sector (our traffic is already in their league). I'm still waiting for Google to update PageRank on their toolbar plug-in, but if you wonder what keeps a blogger up at night -- besides his crying kids -- it's precisely this. Why does this matter in the scheme of things? It really doesn't. PageRank is something only webmasters and OCD bloggers obsess over. Even though I don't spend a penny on search engine optimization (SEO), it's a subject I still care about.

How does PageRank work? It's largely based on the quality of links going into a site -- versus overall traffic or quality of traffic. Still, it's perhaps the only objective universal indicator we have of a site's value relative to the rest of the web. So come on Google, update your PageView Toolbar server and give us the rank that you subscribe to us in other calculations you make on your other 18 publicly available servers.

Incidentally, Purchasing, which we're hoping to pass from a unique visitors perspective at some point soon, clocks in with a PageRank 6.7368421052632 (but has a good 10 year lead over Spend Matters from a linking perspective). Supply and Demand Chain Executive comes in with a PageRank of 6 on the nose. Last I checked, Spend Matters came in @ 5.4736842105263 (though I've seen it as high as 6 in recent days). Supply Excellence garnered 5 on the nose (helped by Procuri's daily new links to it). So the blogs are still lagging according to Google's link index relative to the trade pub sites, but we're gaining all the time. Give us a few more years and I'm sure the PageRank landscape will look very different.

Jason Busch

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