My Declaration of (Editorial) Independence

In the past few months, my posts on Emptoris -- especially around their Empower event -- generated some heated emails in my inbox not to mention a handful of negative comments on Spend Matters itself. Some questioned my editorial independence -- suggesting that Emptoris would be sponsoring this blog -- while others voiced their concern over why I would give so much play to a vendor which is disliked by many in the vendor community. To address these comments, I would say that I have pursued talking with Emptoris on a somewhat regular basis because I view them as an important player in the market. Period. There's nothing more to it than that.

If in the process of calling it as I see it and giving others a voice, I'm bound to tick off certain readers. For that, I am sorry. I'm not a confrontational person, but if I don't have my editorial independence, then I have nothing. And in case you were wondering, Emptoris is not joining Spend Matters as a sponsor -- at least at this point in time -- nor do I have a commercial relationship with them now (nor have I had one at anytime in the past, for that matter).

I think that it's important state for the record how much I encourage other perspectives and voices on this blog (provided they are not personal attacks on executives or impersonations of people). Along those lines, you can attack my thoughts and views all you want. Who knows, after further reflection, I might agree with your perspective.

As the recent optimization debate clearly displayed, Spend Matters has become the online community to discuss all things Spend Management -- from technology to process, and everything in between. But even without this progress and growth, I would never sit around and let anyone silence my views. I attribute the growth of Spend Matters -- incidentally, we were just shy of 14,000 unique visitors last week -- to the candid opinions I express on these virtual pages. So, please, comment all you want. Tell me I'm wrong and why. I love the dialogue and discussion -- and even being told that I'm full of it. But please, never suggest that I'm malleable for a buck. We all know who you can call if that's your game. And it ain't here.

Jason Busch

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