Metty and Motorola: Headed to Court

As someone who has gotten to know Theresa Metty over the past year, I can honestly say that she is one of the few visionary executives in the procurement and supply chain world from a technology and process perspective. She gets the intersection of both, which is not something I see in the leadership ranks in most organizations (let alone in procurement). But one thing Metty did not get, or so she claims in a lawsuit, is the code to crack the old boys network at Motorola. According to Crains Chicago, "Metty is seeking $11.3 million in lost pay and bonuses and an additional $18.6 million from stock options" because of gender discrimination at Motorola.

Yesterday, she won a big argument in her favor when a federal judge decided to let her case proceed to court. According to the article and the ruling, the judge "determined that a shift in Ms. Metty's performance evaluation might be seen as a reflection of defendant’s explicit desire to be rid of her rather than providing proof of plaintiff’s occupational failings." On a personal level, I sincerely wish Theresa the best in reaching resolution on this. She is a talented executive who has a great reputation in the Spend Management world.

Jason Busch

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