Packing the Bags and Cutting the Cord

Early today, I tossed the proverbial can goods, fishing tackle, ammo and bottled water into the family truckster in preparation for a trip up to the backwoods of Wisconsin for some R&R this weekend (actually, there's only a couple of Tumi suitcases in the trunk and a decent Syrah). But seriously, I really am cutting the cord this time, as there's no cell phone reception up in this part of cheese country. I'll be offline, cut off from a keyboard and high speed connection for the first time in at least six months. So if Oracle happens to buy Ariba -- rumored, though only .35 probability in my book, but it would be smart -- or the VERT deal finally gets announced, I won't be around to cover it, at least not until the wee hours of Sunday night. So thank you loyal readers, but take a break as well from this Spend Matters thing for the next 48 hours. Wish me luck going cold turkey as well ...

Jason Busch

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