Handicapping Hugo

Man, I'm probably not the only global trade enthusiast who is incredibly scared at the prospects of the fire-breathing Hugo Chavez having a seat on the UN Security Council. Not that the current US administration is in anyway a model of free trade, but the thought of a UN Seat for the violent populist dictator -- yes, Jimmy, even though you rubberstamped his election, we all know Hugo’s thugs came out in force during voting, intimating opposition voters with violence -- who cares more about bringing down everything the West stands for than improving the lot of the world's poor by opening borders and encouraging cross-border commerce scares me to death. I'll go on the record saying that Chavez is a misguided maniac that we should all be afraid of (I must admit, I'm biased: his thugs shot a friend's mother when she went back to vote in the last election). But clearly, in this case, the devil is not in the details. Rather, the devil has got a real shot at legitimacy. If he wins, we should all be very afraid of what it means for trade and peace -- in our backyard and the rest of the world.

Jason Busch

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