What Spend Management Initiatives SAP Customers are Prioritizing

Supply and Demand Chain Executive had a good, boil-the-ocean approach to covering the news out Emptoris' Empower event. Not a number (now would that be audited or unaudited 😉 or announcement was left unturned. But perhaps the most insightful bit of knowledge in their write-up on the event talked how SAP customers are prioritizing technology investments in the Spend Management arena. According to a study Emptoris conducted with SAP magazine, "55 percent of respondents said they were considering an investment in a supply or contract management solution in 2007. In fact, most respondents indicated they were considering multiple solutions. Of companies considering an investment in an SAP partner solution, 73 percent are considering contract management, 57 percent are considering sourcing, 55 percent are considering supplier performance management and 48 percent are considering spend analysis."

For vendors and users alike, this type of survey data should signal the importance of building collaborative technology ecosystems where interoperability and coexistence between solutions is a top priority. Granted, SAP's NetWeaver program is as much good marketing as anything else, but the days of hearing such CIO refrains as "we're only an SAP shop" or "we're committed to Oracle" are long gone -- which is a good thing for everyone involved. Still, the importance of aligning with different ecosystems -- at least from a vendor perspective -- is rising.

Jason Busch

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