Finding Some New Momentum

When it comes to the potential market size for supply risk management solutions, I find it surprising how few technology and content providers there are hawking solutions today. Earlier this week, AMR's Mark Hillman tipped me off to a vendor in this space that I was not familiar with called New Momentum. According to Mark, New Momentum has a number of very specific capabilities to help manufacturers -- high tech so far -- model and predict supply shortages for such key inputs as flash memory and LCD screens. As an example of their capabilities, New Momentum's website poses the question to procurement executions that "maybe you should be carrying greater inventories if availability trending points to future shortages ... seeing availability trends of parts in the product design phase might help avoid designing-in 'pre-constrained' components." While certainly there's fancy math behind New Momentum's predictive capabilities -- like Open Ratings and others -- I would argue that it is the external market knowledge that providers like this can bring to the table which can become so invaluable in helping a company make better Spend Management decisions that balance risk and opportunity.

Jason Busch

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